In the southern Corbieres, just before the foothills of the Pyrenees start to rise up, Bugarach is by far the highest point of the Aude at 1230 metres. This volcanic plug is upside-down - at some point an eruption so powerful occurred that the entire rock was flung out and landed the other side up.

La Vialasse and Bugarach
Bugarach seen from La Vialasse
Cosmic substation
Psychadelic Painted Substation Bugarach
Peak of Bugarach
Bugarach's Rocky Peak
motorhome parking bugarach
Camping Cars Parking at Bugarach
in the village of Bugarach
Bugarach Village
attention prudence
Attention Prudence at Bugarach
east view of Bugarach
Bugarach seen from the East
Bugarach sentier du pic
Sentier du Pic Bugarach
star rock Bugarach
Star Carved on Rock
Bugarach star carved stone
Star Carved on Stone at Bugarach
climbing Bugarach
Ascent of Bugarach
Clear view of La Montagne Noire
La Montagne Noire from Bugarach
West peak of Bugarach
Bugarach Western Summit
Snow on Canigou from Bugarach
Canigou Peak in Snow from Bugarach
Summit of Bugarach
Bugarach Summit
bugarach summit approach
Approaching Bugarach Summit
Corbieres morning mist
Surreal Morning Mist in the Corbieres
Morning mist by Bugarach
Morning Mist Bugarach Lower Slopes
Bugarach from La Vialasse
View over La Vialasse
Bugarach sunset
Sunset view of Bugarach
bugarach footpath
Footpath on Bugarach
Bugarach village seen from mountain
View over Bugarach Village
Queribus and Peyrepeteuse
Queribus and Peyrepeteuse
Bugarach summit rock
Bugarach's Rocky Summit
View from Bugarach summit
Vertiginous Views from Bugarach
morning clouds in the Corbieres
Cloud Bank at Sunrise
west peak Bugarach
Western Peak of Bugarach
bugarach village
View over the village of Bugarach
Mist in the Corbieres
Mist Forming Below Bugarach
bugarach summit path
Bugarach Summit Black and White
dried thistle flowers
Dried Thistle Flowers
Approach to peak of Bugarach
Bugarach Summit Early Morning
house below Bugarach peak
View from Peak of Bugarach
stone cairn on Bugarach
Cairn on Bugarach Summit
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