Ecluses de Fonserannes at Beziers

A flight of eight canal locks at Béziers, just before the last stretch of the canal meets the Mediterranean. This staircase allows a 21.5 metre drop in in a distance of 300 metres. It's a slow process in practice. The Ecluses at Béziers are the third most popular tourist site in the Languedoc, after the cité de Carcassonne and Pont du Gard.

Canal du Midi locks, Béziers
Canal Locks at Béiziers
Boat on the Ecluses de Fonserannes
Vent du Sud Péniche, Beziers
Ecluses de Fonserannes
Lowest lock in the flight
Santa Maria Canal du Midi Beziers
Le Santa Maria, Beziers
Ecluses de Fonserannes Jefferson plaque
Memorial to Thomas Jefferson
Ecluses de Fonserannes timetable
Horaires Timetables
Canal du Midi
Canal du Midi at Beziers
Vent du Sud péniche
Vent du Sud Péniche, Beziers
Narbonne Canal Lcoks
View of the Beziers Canal Locks