Villarzel-du-Razès 11300

This very small and quite isolated village is in the Limoux arrondissement of Aude. It's on the edge of a small range of hills just to the north of Limoux. Population is around 90. Above the village towers its Chateau, in a perilous state with ties in vain, and cracks all over.

Villarzel-du-Razès road sign
Villarzel-du-Razès Road Sign
Villarzel-du-Razès approach view
Approach to Villarzel-du-Razès
Villarzel-du-Razès lower village
Lower village
Villarzel-du-Razès village centre
Centre of the village
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau tower
Chateau Tower
Villarzel-du-Razès mairie
Mairie at Villarzel-du-Razès
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau front door
Chateau Main Door
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau front wall
Chateau front wall
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau interior
Derelict Chateau Interior
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau
Derelict Chateau Windows
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau front
Chateau with Wall Ties
Villarzel-du-Razès chateau
Villarzel-du-Razès Chateau
Col de la Malpère view
Col de la Malpère view south
Pyrenees peaks sunset
Pryénées Peaks at Sunset
Col de la Malpère Pyrénées sunse
Pyrénées Sunset