Montagne Noire Cottage
Montagne Noire cottage
Labastide Esparbairenque church
Chuch at Labastide
Another attractive corner
A waymark
A woodland walk
Here's a novel way to store your wood.
Well stocked for winter
A fig tree
Sweet chestnuts
La Muse artists' retreat, France
La Muse, the writers' and artists' retreat
You certainly know when you've arrived
A pretty corner in Labastide
Church cross
A group of friends enjoy a chat
Rainbow valley
Nuts for sale
For sale - nuts
Even small villages have a Town Hall
The Mairie in Labastide Esparbairenque
Labastide Esparbairenque
Labastide Esparbairenque in the snow
Labastide in November
The village in Mid November
Pale blue shutter
Pale Blue Shutter
House on Rue Haute Labastide
House on Rue Haute
Labastide rue haute cottage
Cottage on Rue Haute

Labastide Esparbaïrenque

An ancient perched village sheltered in the valley of the Orbiel. Labastide is fairly high in La Montage Noire, and is on the road which leads, a further 10km or so, to the Pic du Nore, highest point in the range, and for some distance all around, at 1209m. About 40 people live at Labastide. It has its own Mairie - which also covers surrounding hameaus - and there are regular events at its foyer. In the centre of the village, a big old maison du maitre is home to La Muse Inn, a retreat for writers and artists who come from far and wide.